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Updated: Apr 12

For the clutch switch (needed to start)

Pin #1 is ground

Pin #2* goes to your ecu. one of the ecu plugs has 94 pins, it goes to pin #63. (have visual reference to make this easier if needed)

Pin #3 is not used

Pin #4* (Needed on some mk6's to start) runs to the bcm behind the drivers side fuse box. Pinouts vary depending on trim level but usually it's plug C pin 30 or plug E pin 7 or plug B pin 55. Grounding the purp/blk wire mentioned below most times eliminates needing this*

Pin #5 is 12v accessory power, this can be gained by using a fuse tap to the engine bay fuse box linking off an accessory powered fuse. (NOTE: The pin count on the clutch switch plug goes 12354 from left to right as can be seen by the labeling on the connector. It doesn't go in numerical order from left to right ie 12345. (If you have a numerical plug adjust the pinout accordingly 1,2,3,5,4))

For the reverse switch (not needed to start)

Pin #1 is 12v acc power, this can be gained by using a fuse tap linking off an accessory powered fuse, or the oem locations is in the cabin fuse box, fuse 4 5amp.

Pin #2 is the trigger for the rev lights, pinouts vary depending on trim level but the following are possibilities bcm plug A pin 16 or plug F pin 6

The purple and black wire from the auto range selector plug needs to be grounded. (the thing on top the trans that selects the gear)*

The tcu needs to be unplugged

The tcu harness can also be cut out, just need to retain the grounds. Do this now or you'll never ever do it.

The trans mount needs to be regrounded. Take the ground that was going to the auto trans mount stud and move it to the starter mounting bolts stud.

Cut your brake pedal and use a manual pedal cover instead of swapping brake pedals. It's literally the same thing. I do this in the car with a cut off disc/blanket.

The top of the trans needs cut down 1/8 " to clear the timing cover, easily done with a flap disc.

Handy links:


Delete/loop the auto cooler hoses with THIS

Will run/drive on the auto computer but will have rev hang. Reflect Tuning can normally ship a preflashed ecu setup for the swap to you. Plug and play.

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