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Introducing our Billet 07K Valve Cover, the most cost-effective and affordable one on the market. This valve cover features a raw billet aluminum base and coil baseplate as standard. You can opt for other materials for the coil baseplate, other styles of baseplates (full-size), and various trim plates that go on top of the coil baseplates and the base when ordering to suit your particular style. Note, this design also allows you to orient the coil packs either direction as seen in the photos.


Additionally, it comes with or without a baffled 10AN fitting, but if you choose not to opt for it, you must use a baffled catch can. Note, we still recommend a catch can with the baffled fitting.


  • New zinc coated low profile torx hardware & blue Loctite
  • Permatex ultra black gasket maker
  • 10AN threaded port


Click here to see photos of all Available Coil & Full-size Baseplates
Click here to see photos of all Avalable Trims


Note: powder coating adds 7-10 days, please include in order notes what color choices or send us an email with your order # and color selection(s).

Available powder coat colors

  • Wrinkle black
  • Matte black
  • Gloss black
  • Gloss white
  • Gloss red
  • Gloss yellow
  • Gloss green


~100% made in the U.S.A

07K Billet Valve Cover

PriceFrom $320.00
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