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This kit is made with OEM connectors and genuine terminals and seals, ensuring durability and reliability. We use the special secondary lock connectors from VAG where aplicable, which are fitted with a red locking feedback element for added security. With this kit, you'll have every connector and terminal you need. A breakdown of all the included components can be found below.


  • Complete set of terminals and seals
  • Crankshaft position sensor x1
  • Camshaft position sensor (Secondary lock) x1
  • Knock sensor 1 x1
  • Knock sensor 2 x1
  • Accelerator pedal (Secondary lock) x1
  • Oxygen sensor (Secondary lock) x1
  • Ignition coils x5
  • Throttle body (Secondary lock) x1
  • Coolant temp sensor (Secondary lock) x1
  • VVT solenoid (Secondary lock) x1
  • Fan (Secondary lock) x1


Normally instock but sometime we have a 1 week lead time.


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