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These are OEM connectors and genuine terminals and seals. We use the special secondary lock connectors VAG offers. These come fitted with a red locking feedback element. This element signals that the connector is properly locked and provides extra assurance for the connection. A breakdown of all that's supplied can be found below.


  • Complete set of terminals and seals
  • Crankshaft position sensor x1
  • Camshaft position sensor (Secondary lock) x1
  • Knock sensor 1 x1
  • Knock sensor 2 x1
  • Accelerator pedal (Secondary lock) x1
  • Oxygen sensor (Secondary lock) x1
  • Ignition coils x5
  • Throttle body (Secondary lock) x1
  • Coolant temp sensor (Secondary lock) x1
  • VVT solenoid (Secondary lock) x1
  • Fan (Secondary lock) x1


Standard lead time is 1-2 weeks as the secondary lock connectors are a special-order item from VAG.


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