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Introducing the Remote Tuning service, powered by Ecumaster and Maxxecu. With our first tuning cycle, we'll get your car running like it came straight from the factory, with OEM-like reliability and drivability. But that's just the beginning - our second cycle covers all the advanced features you could want, from tuning for E85, to anti-lag, and boost by gear/mph. Note, we'll need to tune your car through the first cycle to qualify for the second; and both cycles are priced the same. Additionally, we don't limit the number of revisions in each tuning cycle ensuring that your car runs at its absolute best; exactly how you like.


Our tuning process is efficient and effective, with it typically completed through a log and load format, with 1-2 TeamViewer sessions to get started. With daily logging and diligent attention, we can have your car tuned in as little as a week, with roughly 5 revisions.

No matter what you're looking for in a tune, our Remote Tuning service has got you covered. Trust us to deliver the perfect tune for your vehicle.

*Note we currently only offer this service for 07K, AAN, VR6, and VR5 engines. We are always looking at expanding our offerings so contact us if you aren't on this list*

Remote Tuning (Ecumaster, Maxxecu)

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