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Introducing our Tefzel Multimeter Lead Kit, the ultimate solution for all your automotive diagnostic needs. Crafted to be the highest quality leads on the market; these leads are made using tefzel 16 awg wire and insultherm loom to ensure durability and reliability that is unmatched. With swappable and stackable ends, these leads can be easily used to probe and test connectors with the proper mating contact or a a standard probe. 

Comes standard with:

  • x2 5ft multimeter leads
  • x2 swapable probe tips


Optional backprobe kit include swapable and stackable test probes for

  • DTM male/female connectors
  • DT male/female connectors
  • DTP male/female connectors
  • OEM VW male/female connectors
  • Universal alligator clip


We keep a limited quantity in stock with a maximum lead time of one week.

Tefzel Multimeter Lead Kit

PriceFrom $75.00
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