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Built to order with a standard lead time of 4-6 weeks.


We build these harnesses in-house with all the necessary provisions to run any 07K in any chassis. A true plug and play universal and stock chassis standalone ecu solution utilizing the stock dash or an aftermarket dash.


Our harnesses are constructed exclusively of motorsports grade materials. We design these harnesses to route from below the intake manifold, making it super discreet and tucked. We then use a subharness based construction to keep the motor super serviceable and allow for future expansion. For instance, all the useable outputs and inputs are pre-pinned to these subharness disconnects so adding in additional sensors and features down the road is easy. We like to call this future-proofing.


Our standard harness length places the ecu 4-6FT from the oil fill cap. This lets you mount the ecu where you please and allows these to be fitted in any chassis. We also include a configured basemap with each harness and our end user support is unmatched. When you’re ready for your first start let us know and we’ll hop on a TeamViewer call and get it idling for you; this typically takes 5-15 minutes.


Below is a comprehensive breakdown of what provisions come standard and what provisions are optional upgrades*


  • OEM Crankshaft position sensor
  • OEM Camshaft position sensor
  • OEM Knock sensor 1
  • OEM Knock sensor 2
  • OEM Accelerator pedal (can be adjusted for different pedal)
  • OEM Wideband O2 sensor
  • OEM Fans (can be adjusted for aftermarket fans)
  • A canbus integration connector (used to connect to the VAG canbus)
  • A chassis connector containing a dedicated fuel pump output and 12v switched input
  • A built from scratch fuse / relay box with a 5FT terminated battery cable
  • An injector subharness for x5 injectors or x10 injectors*
  • An ignition coil subharness for x5 OEM ignition coils
  • A sensor subharness containing
    • OEM throttle body (can be adjusted for different tb or location)
    • GM or RIFE intake air temp sensor
    • OEM coolant temp sensor or RIFE coolant temp sensor
    • SYLTECH coolant temp and pressure sensor*
    • Bosch PST-F oil temp and pressure sensor*
    • SYLTECH fuel pressure sensor*
  • A 12v device subharness containing
    • OEM VVT solenoid
    • Boost solenoid
    • Flex fuel sensor
    • NOS / Meth solenoid*


We offer this with varying options to suit your taste and build, below is a breakdown of each one.


Wire Choice

  • TXL is an high quality economical choice suited for automotive enviroments.
  • TEFZEL is a higher temp, smaller diameter, and more flexible alternative.



  • Braided is a motorsports grade loom; insultherm.
  • DR-25 is a lightweight, heat shrinkable tubing suitable for the motorsports world made by Raychem.
  • NO LOOM; you add your own split loom, tesa tape, etc. Harness is bound with kevlar binder to keep it tidy and ready for you.



  • We offer these with or without labels. We use yellow MS23053/5 milspec grade labels covered in Raychem RT-375 clear heat shrink.


Connector Boots

  • We offer these with or without boots on the connectors. We use Raychem and Prowire products for boots.

2.5L 07K Standalone ECU Harness

PriceFrom $1,000.00
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